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  • hey

    our Hybrid ist still in production - i hope....

    it sounds like that the plug gets locked?

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    abgegeben ;(

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    bleibt noch...

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  • Good morning,

    Unfortunately not, the plug was locked 7 seconds before, right after plug in and it sounds like a clack...

    Could be electrical hand brake, but why is activating at this moment, instead when I switch on?

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  • Just ran to the garage to verify what I wrote. The noise in your video ist definetly the locking of the plug.

    If you connect the plug to the car and then lock the car it takes about 5 to 7 seconds until the plug ist locked.

    If you first lock the car an then connect the plug it will be locked within 2 seconds.

    The locking of the plug seems to be done with a motor.

  • i hear 2 noises.

    the second one is the locking of the plug.

    the first one is not normal.

    make a proper video, with the whole charging sequence that you do. Plugin charger, wait to lock, close car.

    2 seconds is like a meme video, sorry, not enough.